Expert Interpretation in December 2019

ATA Applicable Business Category Expansion
● Announcement No.212 of the General Administration of Customs (“Administrative Measures of the Customs of the People’s Republic of China for Temporary Entry and Exit of Goods”)
● The goods temporarily imported using the temporary goods import document (herein after referred to as ATA carnet) are limited to the goods specified in the international conventions on temporary goods import to which China is a party.
● Until 2019, ATA carnet will only be used for “goods displayed or used in exhibitions, fairs, conferences and similar activities”
● Announcement No. 193 of 2019 of the General Administration of Customs (Announcement on the Temporary Entry of ATA Carnets for Sports Goods) ln order to support China’s hosting of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic s and Winter Paralympics and other sports activities, according to the provisions of international conventions on temporary import of goods, the custom s will accept temporary inn po rt ATA carnets for “sporting goods” from January 1, 2020. The ATA carnet can be used to go through the customs formalities for temporary entry for the necessary sporting goods for sports competitions, performances and trainings.
● Announcement of the General Administration of Customs No.13 of 2019 (Announcement on Matters Related to Supervision of Temporary Inbound and Out bound Goods) The customs will expand the temporary entry ATA carnet for professional equipment” and “commercial samples”. Temporary entry containers and their accessories and equipment, spare parts for maintenance containers shall go through customs formalities in accordance with relevant
● Effective January 9, 2019.
● The above can be referred to the Istanbul Convention
● Our country has expanded its acceptance of the Convention on Temporary Admission (Istanbul Convention) with Appendix B.2 on Professional Equipment and Appendix B.3 an Containers, Pallets, Packaging I 1aterials, Samples and Other Imports Related to Commercial Operations.

ATA Applicable Business Category Expansion
● Matters 1 Needing Attention in Declaration — Provide ATA carnet marked with the purpose of the above four types of goods (exhibnition, sporting goods, professional equipment and commercial samples) to declare to the customs.
● Matters 2 Needing Attention in Declaration – In addition to providing ATA carnets, importing enterprises are required to provide other information to prove the use of imported goods, such as national batch documents, detailed description of goods by enterprises, and lists of goods.
● Matters 3 Needing Attention in Declaration – ATA carnets handled overseas shall be filed electronically with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade / China International Chamber of Commerce before being used in China.

Check The Matters Needing Attention For Customs Clearance After The Fourth System Goes Online
Does the receipt of the single window show that “customs declaration port inspection” refers to customs inspection?
Including customs inspection and original CIQ inspection, the specific inspection instru0tiODS and inspection contents shall be determined according to the instructions Df the four systems

Does the receipt of the single window show that “destination inspection” includes customs inspection?
“Destination inspection” generally refers to the external package inspection, animal and plant inspection or quality inspection after the goods arrive at the destination. Customs inspection is usually completed at the port.

Will there be receipts for “customs declaration port inspection” and “destination inspection” for one shipment?
Yes, it needs to be inspected twice and dropped twice, but the probability is very low.

How to check if one shipment has been finished inspection at the destination?
You can inquire in the WeChat public number of “Tongguan Bao” If the destination inspection has been completed, the inquiry status is “Destination Inspection Completed”. Importing enterprises need to manage the inspection status of goods to avoid missing inspection

Post time: Dec-30-2019