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Customs Issue

1.Unfamiliar with GB-Standard

2.Lack of knowledge of classification, labeling and necessary documentation

3.Unfamiliar with applying for sanitary certificate

Our Services

1.Verification for GB-Standard

2.Commodity Pre -classification

3.Chinese label

4.Applying for sanitary certificate and licence

5.Customs clearance

6.Foreign Trade Agent

7.Constant Temperature/Frozen Food Warehouse

8.Nationwide delivery service

Case 1

Frozen Meat

As a supplier of CP Group, we provide professional foreign trade, customs clearance, transport and other one-stop logistics service for frozen beef. All procedures are conducted by our professional team and the whole process runs smoothly and efficiently. The cost is also well controlled.

Fresh & Live Goods

Importing entire ship of Russian King Crab for the first time at Shanghai Port, the trading company turned to us for customs clearance service. With communication in advance with Hengsha fishing port of Changxing Island, Providing classification advice and handling legal fishing certification, we ensure the customs clearance process, incl. Label, inspection & quarantine, as smooth as possible. Besides we assisted customers in estimating costs. The legal fishing certificate needs to be applied for in Beijing, which regularly takes 5 working days. We sent an expert to follow the procedure in Beijing and got the certificate in 3 hours after the application, which had greatly reduced the time cost.

Large Variety of Foods Imported for Supermarket

A Japanese supermarket was trying to import 253 kinds of small packaged foods at one time. They has prepared one-month for the whole customs clearance process. We finished the whole process, incl. classification, labeling, documentation, declaration, inspection & quarantine and delivery in one week, which saved 10,000 RMB of warehousing fee.

Case 2


A Company without any wine import experience collected a batch of red wine from Bordeaux, France. We engaged in the whole supply chain services from contacting the winery in the place of origin, formulating import contracts and payment terms, arranging payment, labeling design & production, making documentation, to arranging the shipment to Shanghai, customs clearance, labeling and transportation to self-operated constant temperature warehouse, until delivery based on the requirements of buyer.

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