Expert Interpretation in April 2019

Announcement of Shanghai Customs on Optimizing Inspection Process of Imported Auto Parts


Shanghai Customs has optimized the inspection process of imported auto parts products that are included in legal inspection and entry verification. For the imported auto parts products with CCC certification, the CCC certificate issued by the certification authority or the CCC exemption certificate issued by relevant departments can be provided in the statutory inspection and entry verification work. Generally, sampling inspection is no longer carried out, and those qualified through conformity assessment will be allowed to be sold and used. For the early warning measures involving major quality and safety risks that need to carry out sampling test, the subordinate customs shall implement them in accordance with relevant provisions.

Announcement Analysis

• The newly released announcement stipulates that for imported auto parts products involving CCC certification, the CCC certificate issued by the certification authority or the CCC exemption certificate issued by the relevant departments can be provided in the legal inspection and entry verification work, If the document is approved, no sampling test is required..

• For imported auto parts products that are subject to systematic control sampling inspection or involve major quality and safety risk early warning measures and require sampling inspection, the territorial customs may implement sampling inspection or port customs sampling inspection and territorial customs supervision according to the facilitation principle.

• Admittance Certification Authority Announces (3: China Quality Certification Center, Tianjin Huacheng Certification Co., Ltd., China Certification Center for Automotive Products Co., Ltd.)

The announcement will be implemented as of March 30, 2019. Including one of several measures to continuously optimize the business environment and facilitate cross-border trade between Beijing and Tianjin, which is one of the measures to optimize the inspection and supervision process of imported auto parts.

Announcement on Expanding Online Verification of Three Regulatory Documents, including “Import Drug Customs Clearance Form”

Regional pilot

Announcement No.148 of 2018 of the State Drug Administration of the General Administration of Customs (Announcement on the Implementation of Online Verification of Seven Regulatory Documents such as “Import Drug Customs Clearance Form”) Starting from October 29, 2018, a pilot project of online verification of electronic data of “Import Drug Customs Clearance Form” and protein assimilation preparations, peptide hormones “Drug Import Permit”, “Drug Export Permit” and electronic data of import and export goods declaration forms will be launched in Hangzhou and Qingdao Customs.

National scope

Announcement No.56 of 2019 of the State Drug Administration of the General Administration of Customs(Announcement on Expanding Online Verification of Three Regulatory Documents, including “Customs Clearance Form for Imported Drugs”)


• For commodities that require the “Import Drug Customs Clearance Form”, please use the “paperless customs clearance” declaration type from April 1.

• Enterprises can log into the “single window” of Chinese international trade to inquire about the electronic data transmission status of certificates.

• Fill in the “Imported Drugs/Medicinal Materials Application Form” must be accurate and complete, to avoid the “Imported Drugs Pass” issued invalid or unable to be used for customs clearance.

Paperless Declaration and Printing of Certificate of Origin

Announcement No.49 of 2019 of the General Administration of Customs (Announcement on Pilot Reform of Certificate of Origin Printing)

At present, self-service printing of certificates of origin is being piloted in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Chongqing and other provinces (cities). Enterprises can print the typographical certificate of origin approved by the customs on their own in the single Window interface shown above.

Operating steps

Self-printing: The enterprise logs into the self-service printing system using the electronic port corporate card.

Enterprise Electronic Signature and Declarer Management – Enterprise Electronic Signature and Declarer Authorization – Print

The certificate of origin self-service printing system can automatically obtain the agency information according to the certificate information of the certificate of origin. Entrusted enterprises can manually authorize those agents to print on their own

Enterprise filing

Filing website:, entering the “origin comprehensive service platform”, enterprise filing, product pre- examination (filing) and information maintenance (filing) of applicants. After all the above information is submitted, the local customs shall be responsible for manual review

Enterprise application

At present, there are four ways to carry out certificate of origin online e-file: China International Trade Single Window, Xinchengtong Platform, Jiucheng Software and Rongji Software. Note for initial value: “application address” shall be filled with English city name and country name, eg “SHANGHAI, CHINA”; “Exporter” shall fill in the name and address of the enterprise in English. According to the actual situation of the new certificate application.

Certificate Inquiry and Printing

• Accept the electronic receipt.

• Successful data warehousing: sent, not yet received by visa end;

• Successfully received data: the visa end has received the data and is awaiting approval;

• Query Interface: Single Window- Query Statistics-License Query-Origin

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