Oujian Group Successfully Complete the Air Charter Project, Help Orient Group tranport turbine casing to India

In the early morning of July 9, an IL-76 transport plane took off from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and landed at Delhi Airport in India after a 5.5-hour flight.


This marks the successful completion of the Charter project of Xinchang Logistics, (the subsidiary of Oujian Group). Orient Group India branch, the client of the Charter project, highly recognized the professional services of Xinchang Logistics and expressed its willingness to continue business cooperation in the future.


India is facing the rather severe COVID-19 epidemic situation. The Indian government has implemented various measures to prevent it from spreading across the country. However, the sudden failure of Unit 3 of the Indian thermal power plant affected the local basic services and supply, and also caused an impact on the health infrastructure.


In order to resume production and power generation as soon as possible, the local power plant urgently ordered a batch of turbine casings and accessories from the Orient Group India branch, with a total weight of 37 tons.


Xinchang Logistics is a supplier of Orient Group container inbound business. After understanding the needs of this large-scale transportation project, it obtained bidding opportunities through continuous tracking and successfully won the bid.


Based on customer needs, cargo size and overall cost, Xinchang Logistics has designed a complete logistics solution:


1. Time Management

The size of the single turbine casing transported this time reaches 4100*2580*1700mm. In the past, this kind of goods would be shipped by sea, but it would take 20-30 days to reach India. Since ordinary cargo planes cannot hold cargo of this size, in order to help customers save time, Xinchang Logistics found an Il-76 transport plane through a charter company to carry it, which greatly shortened the transportation time.


2. Cost Management

After determining the charter flight mode, in order to help customers save costs, Xinchang Logistics will choose the nearest airport to the cargo, and coordinate with the various units of the airport to make an advance declaration work to ensure that the cargo can be directly transported to the apron for installation.


3. Detail management

Due to the irregular size of the cargo and the weight of 37 tons, Chengdu Airport had no previous transportation experience and was very cautious about this project. Xinchang Logistics has worked with relevant units to formulate detailed installation plans from cargo packaging to hoisting point determination, from entering the apron to loading into the cargo hold, to ensure that it is foolproof.


In the early morning of July 9, this batch of turbine casings and accessories was successfully installed and flew from Chengdu to Delhi, India. The charter project was successfully completed.


As a subsidiary of Oujian Group, Xinchang Logistics focuses on overall logistics solutions and can provide logistics service products covering air, sea and land transportation.

Post time: Jul-20-2021