Major Change of Order No.251 of General Administration of Customs

Replacement of old and new regulations

Replacing the Administrative Provisions of the People’s Republic of China on the Classification of Imported and Exported Goods of the Customs as Amended by Order No.158 of he General Administration of Customs and Order No.218 of he General Administration of Customs, and the Administrative. Measures of the People’s Republic of China on Customs Laboratory Tests as promulgated by Order No.17(i of the General Administration of Customs.

Revision significance

With the continuous deepening of the “streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services” reform, the institutional reform has included the inspection and quarantine function in the customs, the cancellation of the customs testing center and the need for the reform of the national customs clearance integration. The current regulations are no longer suitable for the customs classification work and are indeed necessary to be revised.

Major change 1

Deleted the corresponding clauses of pre-classification, and correspondingly added the guiding clauses of predetermination of classification (Article 20); Absorb and clarify the relevant provisions on laboratory tests and inspections directly related to the classification of customs commodities in the Measures for the Administration of Laboratory Tests (Articles 10-17).

Major change 2

With the increasing variety and complexity of commodities, the national standards and industry standards related to import and export goods have become important reference for commodity classification, and are also the classification issues that enterprises pay more attention to. In this revision, the national standards and industry standards are included in the reference scope of commodity classification, and their applicable principles are clarified (Article 2)

Post time: Nov-25-2021