Expert Interpretation in February 2019

Announcement of the central Administration of market Supervision and Administration of the General Administration of customs No,14 of 2019

When applying for registration in industrial and commerce registration, the applicant may apply for the registration certificate of Customs Declaration until at the same time enterprises can Inquire about the record registration results of consignors and consignor of Import and export goods through the single Window standard version of Chinese International trade or the Internet + Customs. The Customs will no longer issue the Registration Certificate of Customs Declaration Unit if the consignee or consignor of Import and export goods needs to obtain written registration information, he can print the registration receipt online through the single Window and affix the customs seal to the local customs

Customs strictly checks wooden packages of Imported and exported goods. Those without IPPC marks are not allowed to enter or leave the country.

Inbound and outbound goods shall be packed In wood and shall be treated in accordance with the specified quarantine treatment method and marked with IPPC When examining inbound and outbound good, all customs shall conduct random checks on wooden packages used for the goods. Those do not confirm to the batons are not allowed to enter or leave the country. Legal bass: Article 5 of the Administrative Measures for Quarantine Treatment of Wooden Packaging of Imported Goods: Articles 13 and 14 of the Administrative Measures for Quarantine Treatment of Wooden Packaging of Outbound Goods.

Announcement of the General

Administration of Customs No 31 of 2019 Starting from February 17, 2019, anti-dumping dudes will be imposed on imported white meat chicken products originating in Brazil The consignee of imported goods shall, when declaring the chicken wings (wings, the same below) in the product scope of the above antidumping measures, subdivide them into whole wings, wing roots, middle wings, two wings and wing tips, and determine the classification (declaration shall be made according to the split tax number No.) anti-dumping duty shall be imposed on products under investigation that have signed price commitments and are exported to china at a price not lower than the promised price.

General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 18 of 2019

1.On the basis of announcement No. 60 of 2018, amendments were made and some new requirements for filling in standardized declaration categories were added.

2.The concept of “duty-free goods” is introduced, and the import and export declaration of “duty-free goods” is described in a normative way. The implemented ” laws and regulations” are incorporated into this declaration guide.

3.Correcting the rigor of some words and descriptions

4.The commodity code is still 10 digits, but in addition to the

5.10 digital commodity code, the declaration form must also selectively declare “inspection and quarantine name” according to different products.

Notice on Adjusting the Nature of Exemption and Other Related Matters of ” State Grant Relief”

1.Part of the exemption was added to replace the original ” state – approved exemption”. 701 (part of imported feed), 702 (Chinese – funded ” flag of convenience” ships), 703 (aircraft imported by airlines), 706 (aircraft imported by leasing enterprises) and 708 (replacement of agricultural products) were added.

2.When declaring the above goods with tax reduction or exemption to the customs, the declaration shall be made in accordance with the clear nature of the tax reduction or exemption.

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