Notice on New China Customs Inspection System (Version 4) Go-Live

Nov. 30th. 2019 the new China Customs Inspection System (Version 4) came into service. Basically it’s a combination of the original Customs inspection system and CIQ (CHINA ENTRY-EXIT INSPECTION AND QUARANTINE) system, which is the promotion basis of "two-step declaration" and "two-stage entry"process. After one-month trial we’ve summarized some tips for operation as follow:

- The receipt from the China customs single window platform showing that "customs declaration port inspection" refers to customs inspection and original CIQ inspection. The specific inspection instruction shall be determined according to New China Customs Inspection System (Version 4)


- The receipt from China customs single window platform showing that "destination inspection" generally refers to the external package inspection, animal and plant inspection or quality inspection after the goods arrive at the destination. Customs inspection is usually completed at the port.
- There might be receipts for both "customs declaration port inspection" and "destination inspection" for one shipment, which means the container need to be checked twice. However this situation is rare to occur.
- You can inquire through the WeChat Account of "Tong Guan Bao" and get to know if the destination inspection has been completed. The inquiry status should be "Destination Inspection Completed". The importer should pay close attention to the inspection status of goods and avoid missing inspection.

Post time: Jan-10-2020