Infant milk powder import customs declaration agency process and information

For countries that export infant milk powder to China, the General Administration of Customs conducts a risk assessment, and only countries that have passed the certification can export to China.


The General Administration of Customs implements registration management for infant milk powder manufacturers that have entered the country, and announces on the website of the General Administration of Customs that only companies and corresponding products that are included in the list can be exported to China. In addition, importers need to be reminded that the product formula of imported infant milk powder must also be registered with the State Administration for Market Regulation.


Foreign infant milk powder exporters or agencies should apply to the General Administration of Customs for recordation. Domestic importers are equipped with food safety professional and technical personnel, management personnel and rules and regulations to ensure food safety, and report to the customs at their registration place for recordation. Shanghai Customs Broker, China Customs Broker.


The official health certificate of other countries must be attached to the customs declaration. The certificate clearly states that the dairy raw materials come from healthy animals, that animal diseases will not be transmitted after processing, that the production company is under the supervision of the local government authority, and that it is safe for human consumption, etc.


When do customs clearance, please fill in the imported dairy product inspection report, which meets the requirements of Chinese standards


The Chinese label of the product must be printed directly on the smallest sales package, such as the product name, ingredient list, specification, place of origin, place of origin, shelf life, nutritional composition list, name, address, contact information, etc. of the domestic importer, agent or distributor.


Customs in China conduct inspections of imported infant milk powder in accordance with relevant regulations. If the supervision system requires on-site inspection and sampling, the customs will also verify the information of the goods on the spot, and the inspection results will be consistent with the inspection results, and then the customs will conduct inspections on them. test. Shanghai Customs Broker, China Customs Broker.


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Post time: Mar-15-2023