3C Self-declaration Officially and Fully Enabled some Products. Third-party 3C Certification will No Longer be Used

Announcement   of  the  General  Administration  of  Market  Supervision  on  Adjusting   and  Perfecting  the Compulsory Product Certification Catalogue and Implementation Requirements (No.44 of 2019)

●     Publish the list of products that apply the self-declaration evaluation method of compulsory product certification

●     For  some  commodities,  ”self-declaration  of  conformity  of  compulsory  certification  products”  is  regarded  as obtaining compulsory product certification , and the requirements for follow-up  supervision and management are the same.

●     Enterprises  should  complete  self-evaluation  according to  the  requirements  of “Implementation  Rules for  Self declaration of Compulsory Product Certification” , and submit product compliance information in “Self-declaration Compliance Information Reporting System” (http://sdoc.cnca .cn).


Announcement of CNCA on Further Improving the Evaluation Method of Compulsory Product Certification Self-declaration and Defining the Implementation Requirements (Announcement  [2019] No.26)

●     In order to facilitate  international trade, for  products that  meet  the  following conditions at the  same time, the certification  client may apply to the license issuing agency for CCC certificates that are only applicable to this batch of products with the cancelled CCC certificates.

●     Shipment before November 1, 2020,and CCC certificate is valid at the time of shipment;

●     Imported  after  November  1, 2020, and  the  CCC  certificate  at  the  time  of  import  was  uniformly cancelled on November 1, 2020 because it exceeded the self-declaration conversion period.

Post time: Nov-20-2020