Expert Interpretation in October 2019

New 21 categories of products converted to 3C certification

No.34 of 2019

Announcement of the General Administration Of Market Supervision on requirements for implementing compulsory product certification management for explosion-proof electrical and other products from production license.

Certification implementation date

Since October 1, 2019, explosion-proof electrical appliances, domestic gas appliances and domestic refrigerators with a calibrated volume of 500L or more will be included in the CCC certification management scope, and all designated certification Institution will start accepting certification entrustments. All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and the Xinjiang production and construction corps market supervision bureau (department or Committee) shall stop accepting the relevant application for production license, and shall terminate the administrative license procedures according to law if accepted.

Designated certification institution

The designated certification institution refers to the institution to be engaged in certification work that has been filed by the General Administration of Market Supervision (Certification Supervision Department).


Since October 1, 2020, the above products have not obtained the compulsory product certification and have not been marked with the compulsory certification mark, and shall not be manufactured, sold, imported or used in other business activities.

New 21 categories of products converted to 3C certification

Product Range Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification Product Type
Explosion -proof electric pump(2302)
Explosion -proof power distribution equipment products (2303)
Explosion -proof switch, control and protection products (2304)
Explosion -proof starter products (2305)
Explosion -proof transformer products (2306)
Explosion-proof electric actuators and solenoid valves (2307)
Explosion -proof plug -in device (2308)
Explosion-proof monitoring products (2309)
Explosion-proof  communication and signaling device (2301)
Explosion-proof air conditioning and ventilation equipment (2311)
Explosion-proof electric heating products (2312)
Explosion-proof  accessories and Ex components
Explosion-proof instruments and meters (2314)
Explosion-proof sensor (2315)
Safety barrier products (2315)
Explosion-proof instrument. Box products (2317)
Domestic gas appliances CNCA-C24-02:2019: implementation rules for compulsory product certification domestic gas appliances 1.Domestic gas cooker (2401)
2.   Domestic Gas Fast Water Heater (2402)
3. Gas heating water heater (2403)
Household refrigerators with a nominal volume of 500L or more CNCA-C07- 01: 2017 Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules Household and Similar Equipment 1.Household refrigerators and freezers (0701)

Announcement of the General Administration of Market Supervision on Adjusting and Perfecting Compulsory Product Certification Catalogue and Implementation Requirements


18 kinds of products will no longer be subject to compulsory product certification management.

For 18 kinds of products-

(, compulsory product certification management will no longer be implemented. The relevant designated certification authority shall cancel the compulsory product certification certificate that has been issued, and may convert it into a voluntary product certification certificate according to. the wishes of the enterprise. CNCA deregisters the designated business scope of compulsory product certification involving relevant certification bodies and laboratories.

Expand the scope of implementation of self-declaration evaluation methods

The 17 kinds of products in the compulsory product certification catalogue ( 75690333235987. docx notes “new” products) will be adjusted from the third-party certification method to the self-declaration evaluation method.

Adjust the implementation requirements of compulsory product certification

For products that are subject to the mandatory product certification self-declaration evaluation method, only the self-declaration evaluation method can be adopted, and no mandatory product certification certificate will be issued. Enterprises should complete self-evaluation according to the requirements of the Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification Self-declaration, and can only leave

the factory, sell, import or use in other business activities after the “Self-declaration Conformity Information Reporting System ( submits product conformity information and applies compulsory product certification marks to the products. Customs can verify the system to* generate “mandatory certification of product conformity self-declaration”

Effective time of the above contents

It will come into effect from the date of the announcement. The announcement was made on October 17, 2019. Before December 31, 2019, enterprises may voluntarily choose the third-party authentication method or self-declaration evaluation method; From January 1, 2020, only self- declaration evaluation method can be adopted, and no compulsory product certification certificate will be issued. Before October 31, 2020, enterprises that still hold compulsory product certification certificates shall complete the conversion according to the implementation requirements of the above- mentioned self-declaration evaluation method, and handle the cancellation procedures of the corresponding compulsory product certification certificates in a timely manner; On November 1, 2020, the designated certification authority shall cancel all compulsory product certification certificates for products that apply the self-declaration evaluation method.

Shanghai Customs Provides Free Application And Examination services For Royalties Before Foreign Exchange Payment.

According to the requirements of the Announcement of the General Administration of Customs on Issues Related to Royalty Declaration and Tax Payment Procedures (Announcement of the General Administration of Customs No.58 of 2019), in order to guide enterprises to declare the royalty of imported goods in compliance and improve the declaration quality of the royalty of imported goods for enterprises in our customs territory, Shanghai Customs Tariff Office provides royalty examination services for enterprises and guides enterprises to declare the taxable royalty of imported goods in compliance.

Time Requirement:

Formally submit to Shanghai Customs before paying royalties.

Application Materials

1.Royalty contract

2.Schedule of royalty calculation

3.Audit report

4.Letter of Presentation

5.Other materials required by the customs.

Pre-audit Content

Shanghai customs and excise department pe-examines the royalty data submitted by enterprises and pre-determines the amount of taxable royalties related to imported goods.

Pre-approved vouchers:

After completing the foreign payment, the enterprise shall submit the certificate of foreign exchange payment to the customs office. If the actual amount of foreign exchange payment verified by the customs office is consistent with the application materials, the customs office shall issue a review form for subsequent customs clearance.

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