General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 120 of 2022 (Announcement on Admission Requirements for Imported Clothing)

Customs accepts third-party testing reports as basis for clothing conformity assessment

1. Product qualification: In the product qualification column, fill in the license category “630-accrediting agency code inspection report number” and the license number “accrediting agency code/inspection report number”
2. Cargo attributes: When declaring at the China International Trade Single Window, you can choose whether it belongs to the scope of accepted commodities. If you choose the scope of accepted commodities, check the “46-Inspection Result Acceptance” type in the “Cargo Attributes” column on the customs declaration page;
3. Accompanying documents: Upload the “Quality and Safety Compliance Statement, Goods List and Corresponding Inspection Report List” in the accompanying documents column;

Post time: Apr-26-2024