The highest tariff is 100%! This popular export product is blocked in Türkiye

On June 8, Turkey announced the release of Presidential Decree No. 8639, stipulating that an additional 40% import tariff will be imposed on fuel and hybrid passenger cars originating from China and under the customs code 8703, and will be implemented 30 days after the release date. According to the regulations announced in the communiqué, the minimum tariff per car is US$7,000 (approximately RMB 50,000). So far, all passenger cars exported from China to Turkey are within the scope of the tax increase.

In March 2023, Turkey imposed an additional 40% tariff on electric vehicles imported from China, raising the tariff to 50%. In November 2023, Turkey took action again on Chinese cars, implementing import “licenses” and other restrictive measures on Chinese electric vehicles.

It is reported that some Chinese electric vehicles affected by the implementation of electric passenger car import licenses in November last year are still stranded in Turkish customs and cannot be cleared, causing losses to Chinese export companies.

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Post time: Jul-08-2024